Eva Kaili
age: 41 years
Party of European Socialists
MEP - Chair of the EP Delegation for relations with the NATO Parliamentary Assembly
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Nationality: EL
Party: PES
Gender: F
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INVITATION | Live Streaming | AI in Farming: making the “Farm to Fork” agenda a global standard for sustainability? (June 2)

Tuesday, May 26, 2020 03:20:00 PM

We are most pleased to invite you to participate in an evening of discussion regarding AI in farming and the “Farm to Fork” strategy as a global standard for sustainability with our distinguished speakers Ms Eva Kaili MEP (S&D/GR), Mr Gijsbertus Schilthuis , Head of Unit, Policy Perspectives, DG....
ECB European Central Bank : Letter from the ECB President to several MEPs, on monetary policy

Friday, May 15, 2020 07:15:00 PM

ECB-PUBLIC. Christine LAGARDE. President. Ms Eva Kaili, Ms Isabel Carvalhais, Mr Tonino Picula, Mr. Carlos Zorrinho, Mr Manuel Pizarro, Mr Milan Brglez, Ms Inese Vaidere, Mr Ondřej Kovařík, Mr Raffaele Stancanelli, Mr Ivan tefanec, Mr Raffaele Fitto, Ms Inma Rodríguez- Piñero, Mr Bronis Ropė, Ms....
Letter from the ECB President to several MEPs, on monetary policy

Friday, May 15, 2020 07:05:00 PM

Address Posta l address European Cent ra l Bank European Cent ra l Bank Te l : +49-69-1344-0 Sonnemanns t rasse 20 60640 Frank fur t am Main Fax: +49-69-1344-7305 60314 Frank fur t am Main Germany W ebs i te : www.ecb.europa.eu Germany ECB-PUBLIC Christine LAGARDE President Ms Eva Kaili, Ms Isabel....
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