General Approach

CONCEPT started in mid-2013 as a scientific project aimed presenting the European (EU) 'public sphere' and emerging political system in a new way: by mapping its top leaders and decision-makers.

It has gradually evolved into an original and comprehensive platform for gathering and structuring information about the relative popularity of leaders from a variety of media sources frequently and in real time. has also made big progress in terms of innovative visualisation and statistical analysis of the large data collected automatically.

In practical terms, the main data gathering approach aims to initially automatically collect and  process  some publicly available data from a maximum number of online media sources which are deemed representative of the public sphere in the political unit (i.e. traditional and social media, as well as various media portals and platforms). As a second step, the collected big (media) data is screened, whenver possible, using sentiment analysis, and, then, it is visualised. This is done for both individual and groups of leaders. 


Being still predominantly an experimental research project, is a Beta version of a commercial version of this platform. One of the main features that have recently been developed is a 'predictive tool', related to the forthcoming presidential and other types of elections in Europe and around the world, using the Wholeads' technology (see for instance


Overall, the team aims at providing quick, reliable and ethical service with respect to representing the EU political system and its foremost leaders.

We strongly believe in an open, transparent and sound from both a theoretical and empirical point of view research. We feel inspired by similarly creative and innovative projects, and tend to cooperate with fellow colleagues.


We also aim engaging as many people as possible to discover some of the foremost European and world leaders. Thus, one of our key objectives is "Leading by engaging".

In our mind, the best results are achieved when advanced technology and design meet high-quality research and foresight vision.