Data Gathering

Data gathering and processing is a comprehensive cycle of inter-linked and sequential processes, being at the heart of the technology and conceptual model.

The main principle of the data gathering process is to collect information from a maximum number of media sources and to analyse it accordingly. The automatic processing and analysing of the results is also an essential component of the data gathering exercise.

Firstly, the media environment (EU, national, regional/local) is explored in depth and a model is accordingly proposed.

Secondly, essential bio-data about leaders is gathered from publicly available and transparent sources. This data is regularly updated and reloaded in the system.

Thirdly, key data about media popularity and coverage of leaders is gathered in an automatic way (via data crawling). Ranking and primary analysis of the results is also fully automatised.

Finally, an in-depth analysis is carried regarding the general validity of the model applied and data obtained.