Mario Draghi
age: 70 years
President of the European Central Bank
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Nationality: IT
Party: N/A
Gender: M
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Eurozone data signals recovery has peaked

Thursday, May 24, 2018 04:56:00 AM

Eurozone economic growth slowed much more sharply than expected this month, a business survey showed. That fact, along with weaker inflation, has intensified concerns there will be no return to the bloc's recent boom times. The European Central Bank under president Mario Draghi is expected to end....
The ECB Must Stop the Rot in Italian Bonds

Monday, May 21, 2018 04:22:00 PM

“Whatever it takes.” Those three symbolic words were uttered by European Central Bank President Mario Draghi in July 2012, and European bonds have benefited hugely from the “Draghi put” ever since. Italy has revived existential questions about the bloc.
The race for the ECB presidency is heating up

Monday, May 21, 2018 09:28:00 AM

Northern Europe’s claim for a turn at leading euro-area monetary policy in the era after Mario Draghi advanced over the weekend as two of its contenders dropped hints that they’re waiting to be asked. The signals from Bundesbank chief Jens Weidmann and outgoing Finnish Governor Erkki Liikanen are....
Liikanen Says He Won't Campaign to Succeed Draghi at ECB

Saturday, May 19, 2018 01:56:00 PM

Bank of Finland Governor Erkki Liikanen said there may be circumstances under which he would consider succeeding Mario Draghi as European Central Bank president, but that he won’t be campaigning for the job. Asked in an interview on Finland’s YLE TV1 on Saturday whether he is available for the....
Avoid rows to ensure reforms in eurozone, politicians told

Sunday, May 13, 2018 10:51:00 AM

Frankfurt am Main. European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi on Friday urged politicians to sidestep confrontation and reach compromise on reforming the eurozone, after French ambitions have slammed repeatedly into German taboos. “The dichotomy between risk-reduction and risk-sharing that....
mara messori retweeted
Sun May 27 17:21:01 +0000 2018
"Mattarella, più che le teorie monetarie di Savona teme il suo aperto conflitto con la Banca d’Italia e con la Bcevisto c…
Sun May 27 17:20:37 +0000 2018
Mario Draghi, c’è moneta e “moneta”...
Mattia Repetti 🇮🇹 retweeted
Sun May 27 17:16:58 +0000 2018
'Qualcuno avvisi il presidente, chi è Savona'. L'unico ostacolo resta Mario Draghi Bisignani inchioda Mattarella: l'errore…
Sonia Grotto🇮🇹 retweeted
Sun May 27 17:16:38 +0000 2018
“Bisogna fare a meno delle agenzie di rating: sono altamente carenti e discreditate” MARIO DRAGHI
Nicola Vietri retweeted
Sun May 27 17:07:38 +0000 2018
'Qualcuno avvisi il presidente, chi è Savona'. L'unico ostacolo resta Mario Draghi Bisignani inchioda Mattarella: l'errore…