Milos Zeman
age: 74 years
Party of European Socialists
Czech Republic
President of the Czech Republic
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Nationality: CZ
Party: PES
Gender: M
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Daily news summary 12.10.2018

Friday, October 12, 2018 03:27:00 PM

Czech president says EU should not interfere in internal affairs of member states. Czech President Miloš Zeman has criticized the EU for trying to interfere in the internal affairs of the Visegrad Group states. Speaking at the close of a two-day summit of the presidents of Slovakia, the Czech....
Czech president Miloš Zeman must apologise for vile anti-Gypsyism

Tuesday, October 02, 2018 06:52:00 PM

Following remarks by Czech President Miloš Zeman in which he labelled Romani people lazy and said that ‘slapping them’ is the best way to deal with them, S&D Group spokesperson for Roma issues Soraya Post said: “The recent statements made by Czech president Miloš Zeman about Roma people are clearly....
Getting Creative With the Rule of Law

Sunday, August 26, 2018 09:30:00 AM

Let’s start with the Czech Republic, where President Milos Zeman refused to name a new minister of foreign relations, even though the constitution does not give him the right to do so. The new prime minister, in this case Andrej Babis, should have taken the case to the Constitutional Court to force the president to sign the decree.
Sat Nov 17 09:10:43 +0000 2018
@kalousekm Na jednu stranu je však potřeba také zvážit to že narozdíl od pana Babiše mladšího se pan prezident Milo…
Martin retweeted
Sat Nov 17 08:59:34 +0000 2018
Že by někoho to, že Miloš Zeman prohlásil, že bude volit premiérem Babiše vždy, překvapilo? To je přece jistota. Loni jsme k t…
Iru retweeted
Sat Nov 17 08:50:51 +0000 2018
Prezident Miloš Zeman se žádné veřejné akce připomínající začátek revolučních událostí vedoucí k pádu komunistického režimu n…
Sat Nov 17 08:37:45 +0000 2018
@KnapovaKatka Dočkáme se toho, že je Miloš Zeman bude za tři roky pálit na Hradě?
Sat Nov 17 08:29:53 +0000 2018
@TomasK1892 @CT24zive Miloš Zeman se položil na národní třídě?