Wolfgang Schauble
age: 76 years
European People's Party
Federal Minister of Finance of Germany
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Nationality: DE
Party: EPP
Gender: M
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Rome alone Germany’s finance minister slams Italian budget Italy must deal with its huge pile of debt on its own and cannot expect to shift responsibility to its European partners, Olaf Scholz told Handelsblatt.

Thursday, October 11, 2018 06:25:00 PM

110% Wolfgang Schäuble, his predecessor. Source: Imago. Germany has joined the chorus of criticism of Italy’s upcoming budget as the heavily indebted euro-zone member plans to massively increase spending and allow its public deficit to grow in coming years.
BREXIT LIVE: Nick Clegg recruits arch-Remainers in mission to keep UK in EU INDEFINITELY

Saturday, September 15, 2018 09:55:00 PM

Mr Clegg has held meetings with an array of European leaders to try and persuade them to join forces and stop Brexit. He has met with Mark Rutte, the Dutch prime minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Bundestag president, Peter Altmeier, the German economics minister, Sigmar Gabriel, a former....
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Fri Oct 19 13:59:17 +0000 2018
In the Bundestag in Berlin today with Wolfgang Schauble, one of the EU’s most articulate proponents. He gets the big pictur…
Fri Oct 19 09:51:41 +0000 2018
Ιn Greece we still remember Finance Minister Wolfgang Schauble Without an austerity programme, "there are no possib… https://t.co/1u89nsU4jD
Wed Oct 17 15:39:27 +0000 2018
Veseli sot është takuar me homologun e tij gjerman, Wolfgang Schauble. https://t.co/RTypsBks0o
Tue Oct 16 16:04:41 +0000 2018
@we_pf @alllibertynews @SirNigel5 @Nigel_Farage @theresa_may Have you watched it? Varoufakis is a German fan and he… https://t.co/2vXXzVYWX0
Mon Oct 15 14:52:57 +0000 2018
Les responsables de l'austérité en Europe sont les politiques allemands et l'UE ! Le FMI fait marche arrière toute,… https://t.co/kQOnAwRKsI