Charles Michel
age: 43 years
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
Prime Minister of Belgium
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Nationality: BE
Party: ALDE
Gender: M
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Death threats against Louis Michel taken seriously by State Security

Saturday, January 05, 2019 05:24:00 AM

Minister of State Louis Michel was heavily criticised by Congolese opposition politicians in late December and has received many letters containing death threats, Sudpresse newspapers reported on Friday.“I have received many death threats,” said the Euro-parliamentarian, a former European Commissioner and father of Prime Minister Charles Michel.
2019 LOOKAHEAD: New brand of social upheaval takes shape ahead of EU elections

Thursday, December 27, 2018 03:49:00 PM

And in Belgium, Prime Minister Charles Michel offered his resignation after his coalition partner N-VA abandoned ship on an anti-migration ticket. But in other EU countries, political cataclysms took place because of reasons other than migration. In Slovakia, the prime minister was replaced largely....
Belgian PM Resigns Amid Growing Political Crisis

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 12:23:00 AM

Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, has resigned following a failed attempt to win parliamentary backing for his minority administration, deepening the country’s political crisis. Mr Michel announced his resignation following a decision by opposition parties to table a no-confidence motion in his government.
BELGIUM CHAOS: Prime Minister RESIGNS as UN Migrant Pact crisis ERUPTS BELGIUM’S Prime Minister Charles Michel has quit after losing a vote of no confidence, Belgian media reports.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 09:43:00 PM

Mr Michel was forced to reshuffle his government to avert its collapse after Flemish nationalist party the N-VA pulled their support in protest over Belgium’s decision to adopt a controversial UN Migration pact. King Philippe of Belgium allowed Mr Michel to continue with a minority government, which....
EU CRISIS: Belgium PM faces CONFIDENCE VOTE as parliamentary majority COLLAPSES BELGIAN Prime Minister Charles Michel is facing a no confidence vote this week with the country’s Socialist faction likely to trigger the process on Tuesday, following violent

Tuesday, December 18, 2018 10:44:00 AM

The Belgian prime minister lost his parliamentary majority after a walk out was staged by Flemish nationalists nine days ago, over the contested UN Migration pact. Mr Michel’s Mouvement Réformateur (MR) party welcomed the new initiative, which makes immigration a human right and threatens to jail anyone who challenges it.
Mon Feb 18 14:55:23 +0000 2019
Ils sont partis pour mourir et se battre au nom d'un Dieu inexistant. Les Musulmans ne veulent pas la guerre... et…
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Mon Feb 18 14:54:52 +0000 2019
Octobre 2014: ''Jamais Charles ne m'a dit 'si le gouvernement tombe, je reviens à la présidence'." Février 2019: "Le g…
Mon Feb 18 14:54:28 +0000 2019
Premier Michel voorstander van maximaal veroordelingen Syriëstrijders in de regio Premier Charles Michel is er a pr…
Veille infopol 🇧🇪 retweeted
Mon Feb 18 14:52:52 +0000 2019
Octobre 2014: ''Jamais Charles ne m'a dit 'si le gouvernement tombe, je reviens à la présidence'." Février 2019: "Le g…
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Mon Feb 18 14:52:44 +0000 2019
"En 2014, Charles Michel avait pourtant annoncé que jamais il ne redeviendrait Président du #MR si le gouvernement tomba…