Manfred Weber
age: 45 years
European People's Party
MEP - Chair of the EP EPP Group
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Nationality: DE
Party: EPP
Gender: M
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Free Interrail passes for 18-year-olds: #DiscoverEU starts this year

Monday, May 07, 2018 11:39:00 AM

“We did it! I am incredibly proud and happy that, this year, 20-30,000 18 year-old Europeans will receive a free Interrail pass to travel throughout Europe. It starts this year and this is just the beginning,” said EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber at an event organized by the European Commission for the official launch of the initiative.
Emmanuel Macron's Democracy vs. Manfred Weber's

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 05:27:00 PM

There were big expectations for French President Emmanuel Macron's address in the European Parliament that he would try to breathe new energy into his big plans for the future of the EU and, most of all, the deepening of the integration of the euro area because of the cool winds that came from....
#FutureOfEurope: Let’s build a true parliamentary democracy in Europe says #EPP

Friday, April 20, 2018 10:05:00 AM

French Republic President Emmanuel Macron debated the future of Europe with the European Parliament on 17 April. Speaking on behalf of the EPP Group, Chairman Manfred Weber welcomed President Macron’s clear pro-European stance. “France is a proud country but you know, France can only be strong if Europe is strong,” Weber underlined.
Manfred Weber: We have to find consensus with France

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 12:54:00 PM

Manfred Weber is a member of the CSU in Bavaria and has served as the leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament since 2014. French President Emmanuel Macron wants a separate budget for the eurozone. How far should the German government go in making concessions on this? The....
We're NOT SCARED of another Brexit! EU chief in STUNNING rant during Macron love-in

Tuesday, April 17, 2018 01:22:00 PM

Manfred Weber, who heads the European People’s Party, also took the opportunity take a dig at the UK leaving the European Union. The German MEP declared that he was not afraid of "another Brexit" and openly praised President Emmanuel Macron for leading the EU in the right direction.
Wed May 23 05:16:11 +0000 2018
@spiegelplus @SPIEGEL_Politik CSU politician Manfred Weber: the Bayer who wants to lead Europe
SPIEGEL ONLINE Politik retweeted
Wed May 23 05:10:59 +0000 2018
CSU-Politiker Manfred Weber: Der Bayer, der Europa anführen will
Joe Hog retweeted
Wed May 23 05:05:12 +0000 2018
Die neue italienische Regierung steht noch nicht, doch der Ärger ist schon da. Der Europa Abgeordnete Manfred Weber…
Wed May 23 04:34:55 +0000 2018
Dopo #LaFrancia, è il turno delle minacce targate #Deutschland: “State giocando col fuoco perché l’Italia è pesantemente…
Karini Ñungo Zúñiga retweeted
Wed May 23 02:56:05 +0000 2018
Su nuevo ‘mea culpa‘ por el escándalo de #CambridgeAnalytica no convenció a los presentes, como Manfred Weber para quien…