Andrus Ansip
age: 62 years
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe
EC Commissioner (Digital Single Market) - Vice-President
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Nationality: EE
Party: ALDE
Gender: M
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European Commission welcomes Council adoption of new EU rules to facilitate sales of goods and supply of #DigitalContent and #DigitalServices

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 09:29:00 AM

The Council has formally adopted new contract law rules that will help consumers be confident when buying online and give businesses harmonized aftersales conditions throughout Europe. Digital Single Market Vice President Andrus Ansip said: “This is excellent news for consumers and ecommerce in the EU.
Top EU technology official still concerned about Beijing's access to data from Chinese firms

Thursday, April 11, 2019 01:46:00 AM

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, flanked by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker (left) and European Council President Donald Tusk (right) at the end of EU-China summit meeting in Brussels on Tuesday. Photo: EPA-EFE. Andrus Ansip, in charge of EU digital issues, says the possibility of....
Joint statement on ensuring Europe´s digital future

Tuesday, April 09, 2019 07:28:00 PM

At Digital Day 2019 , participating Ministers and representatives of the EU confirmed their full commitment to work more closely in key areas where digital technologies will make a significant impact in the coming years. European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip , Commissioners Tibor....
modernised copyright rules

Thursday, March 28, 2019 01:31:00 PM

Today, the European Parliament voted in favour of the new Copyright Directive designed to bring tangible benefits to citizens, all creative sectors, the press, researchers, educators, and cultural heritage institutions. Vice-President for the Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip and Commissioner for....
US set to lose #Huawei propaganda game in Europe

Monday, March 25, 2019 10:04:00 PM

The US has been investing a lot of energy and time attempting to prove the value of banning Huawei, but it seems a failed quest as the European Commission readies itself to rule out a ban – writes , Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Single Market, will unveil new plans tomorrow (Tuesday 26).
Fri Apr 19 08:03:58 +0000 2019
Anu ja Andrus on üksteist tundnud juba pea 45 aastat! Sellisest kogemusest on Ansipitel muidugi ka häid nõuandeid j…
Tue Apr 16 07:07:14 +0000 2019
Andrus Ansip: „Menschen müssen wissen, ob eine Maschine entscheidet“
Futurezone retweeted
Tue Apr 16 07:03:07 +0000 2019
Andrus Ansip: „Menschen müssen wissen, ob eine Maschine entscheidet“ #AI #KI via @futurezoneat
Tue Apr 16 06:59:08 +0000 2019
Andrus Ansip: „Menschen müssen wissen, ob eine Maschine entscheidet“ #AI #KI via @futurezoneat
Tue Apr 16 06:47:01 +0000 2019
Andrus Ansip: „Menschen müssen wissen, ob eine Maschine entscheidet“